Experience a field trip like no other at Dig It Dubai!

Attention, teachers and students! Dig It Dubai has launched an incredible school package which combines both work and play in a fun and engaging setting. The construction inspired environment at Dig It inspires all kids to collaborate with their peers while sharpening decision-making abilities and other tactical strengths. The activities and games include – RC Trucks, Draw Joey, Lego Tables & Racers, Soft Play Access, Brick Conveyor, Driving School, Mini Diggers, Digger Driving & Brick Chute.

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School Bookings

  • 1.5 hours play (all levels)
  • Timings 10:00 am subject to change
  • Capacity: maximum 60 students
  • 1 teacher free for every 5 students
  • Payment should be done upon arrival at DIG it counter based on actual no. of students
AED 45
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