The Storm Coaster

Jan 11, 2022

It’s Official! The Guinness World Records has named The Storm Coaster the World’s Fastest Vertical-Launch Rollercoaster. That means each time you jump onboard The Storm Coaster, you’ll be able to boast to your friends that you’ve taken a ride on a record breaker. Talk about an amazing Instagram photo op!

Conveniently located within Dubai Hills Mall- city’s newest experiential retail destination with an unending list of one-of-a-kind experiences, The Storm Coaster should now be on top of your epic bucket list.

Structurally integrated with the building’s exoskeleton diagrid, The Storm Coaster is a first-of-its-kind indoor coaster with a 697m-track comprising three trains, each with 12 riders, that can run simultaneously, providing an efficient guest experience and flow. Wrapping its way throughout the entire building, the coaster contains an exhilarating, utterly vertical launch powered by magnetic LSM motors, sending riders over 50m up into the building.

Whether you’re an avid thrill seeker or a family looking for a super fun experience, why not ride twice or even three times for a truly exhilarating experience? So, make a plan with your friends and family to #TakeOnTheStorm and make some record-breaking memories. For a wholesome experience, take the day to explore the plethora of exciting activities at Dubai Hills Mall, from dining to shopping and entertainment, all available at the snap of a finger.

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